loyal to youth

the love i have for the youth i work for over powers it all. they have me up at 3:09 am, counting their hours ❤ i do it cause i love them. i love them so much. and cause i want to finish quick!


Year ago i was making a grocery list it was t chart style shit you wanted on one side shit i wanted on the other what are you doing now?


A lot more writing should be happening and it’s not. I guess I’m waiting for something to make me write and it sucks.


little plants infused with what? my parents are background chatter my head feels heavier then it actually is. the government has people rinsing their mouths with salt to balance their ph levels. whats happening to the world around me?

little pills

why do i take things just to feel closer to you? why do i still feel you in my bones, blood, mind. why did you stay so stuck behind. why do you have the power to alter my reality. why you? what did you do? what didnt i have before you? why do i allow … More little pills

i will

i am my best friend i am my enemy i am my roughest critic i want to marry me. i wish i valued me a little more


you thought you could guide me you centered our love on your facilitation you took your time with me you planned me you were careful with every step you know me like the back of my hand. little did you know and barely could you understand that you will never, could never, should never be … More 〰️