Welcome to Book 2.

Hello to you all. To begin, I want to extend my gratitude for purchasing my 2nd published piece of work. For those of you who also purchased my first book I am grateful to you all for keeping my royalties coming and for following my life journey with me. Without you, I would be writing to the air (Which is fine too). As you may know, my first book highlights the difficult transition I had as a women of color leaving NYC to go chase my undergraduate dreams in Greencastle, IN. The first book takes you in detail through my heartbreaks, difficulties fitting in, and definitely through my public expressions.

As awesome as my first book was, I figured it would benefit us all if I shared some tips on how I surpassed many arising challenges while “adulting”. Believe it or not, you do not stop learning life lessons as the years go by, isn’t that shocking? Growing up I always thought that adults had it all figured out by the time they were 25. I remember looking up at my 26 year old teachers like, “Wow, they must be so happy with their big homes and happy husbands.” Little did I know….. boy oh boy.

I mention this to say that this book (Book 2) will be a form of healing for us all. With every challenge I speak about I’ll share some tips on how I straight up got over it, went through it, or am still tangled in it. I ask you all to remember that we all live different lives, our identities play a pivotal role in our life as well- so this book should not be used as a form of comparison.

You are beautiful, you are able, and you will experience adversity. Its all about how we focus on moving forward and making ourselves better daily.

This book will feature more art from Samuel Vasquez and feature my very own photography – @YoungBerenice

*Huge shoutout to my life coach, therapist, and all you haters that put me through shit so I could get over it*

with love and experience,


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