down only means up.

Having terrible days are overwhelming for me.

They are overwhelming because on my usual days I move at the speed of light. I am this woman full of ideas and aspirations, but I have my days. When my days are cloudy they are as gray as they come. My body feels it, my mind definitely runs its own course and my heart beats double time. My down days used to be worst, when I carried heavy demons, burdens and experienced outside pressures from a tiny screen. I have fortunately been able to find the peace I contained in high school before mainstream platforms blew up and made everyone question if they were doing life right.I have found joy in being alone and away from the world. I feel productive, inspired, and very chill. I have found support and comfort in the selective friends, family members, and coworkers I speak to.

I have grown to understand what the word priority means and definitely value my money more than I did 10 months ago. I have learned to set boundaries, do things because they make ME happy, and turn to the other cheek to people who wish too upset. I have never felt as unbothered, motivated and aware then I do now.

I want to begin to give some tips to you all on how I have reached this nirvana.

Why write about my experiences if I won’t share a thing or two.

Stay tuned.

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