it shud of been a zoom. i want to hide my face

he knows when im mad.
or when he has gotten under my skin.
sometimes it feels familiar and sometimes it feels forced.

theres an arrogance here.
I am not sure how i feel about it… Actually it irritates me, but also provides me with reassurance. its something I battle with personally and I believe that the feeling either comes from my own insecurity or just my lack of interest for people who want to know everything about everything.

I hate it.

you play music for me and you often swear you discovered things here and there.i disagree and its your confidence in places like this that inspire me and turn me off at the same time. your yellow sweater radiates nothing but our alma mater experiences, and my stomach is now in knots.
i am not sure if the knots are good or bad
I am sensitive and you have pierced my weak soul with a playful sarcastic comment.
why does it feel like the end of the world?

your eye contact is infectious. its playful, its manipulative, its hypnotizing. I love that no one speaks, I feel better this way because at this very moment I have no words for you. The bitter feelings have passed because I am aware that you are emotionally intelligent. You do a really good job at molding an ambiance.

i like the present. everything happens a day at a time and thats how I want to play it out.

why do you try to get me to react?
how ideal would this even look?

i think i am delusional.

man with face mask using laptop in the dark
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

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