**at our convocation, brian casey mentioned that our future wives, husbands were in the room. **

we never left each others side.
we knew safety because we had each other.
you made my transition to your side of the country extremely seamless.
we gave people the wrong impression for so long until we actually fell in love with one another.
i also didn’t know how much i loved you until you were put in a position of pain
and i got to hear, see, and feel it.
i wanted to protect you so bad.
i wanted to do everything i could to make you feel supported.

we walked everywhere together, we read together, we danced together, we laughed together, we inspired one another, we roasted each other, we ate together, we took classes together, we spent nights awake speaking about the years we are living now.

winter breaks and summer breaks sucked to us because we couldn’t be together.
we facetimed,
we spoke about how much we loved and hated our parents at the same time.
we made real life commitments and our love motivated us to get through.
our love was so strong we felt no pain.
our love was so strong people fed and drank from our resilience.
we were humble, we were hurt, we were so happy.

we should of stayed as we are.
in our own world

we let distractions get in the way.
distractions we ended up loving more than we intended.

distractions that could never imprint like you did.
do you still love me like i will always love you?

i never had it together, i was always trying to figure it out, i needed to touch the fire in order to experience, and you… you let me.

you never understood what I was doing and why i was doing it, but you let me do it.

you let me do it and you let me hurt you.
and for that im so sorry.
however, you made art.

you made art with my art.
you got up when i shot you down
time after time and you still love…

ive seen you years after our love, time together, journey and instantly died with regret, curiosity, and pain. you radiate of growth. yet you radiate the same wolf you radiated when i met you.

you will always be so far
and so close
your love will always linger
and no matter where you are in life
ill be in the back… cheering you on.
reminding you…

that i’ll always have an umbrella, a space, and my heart for you.

*4 years later… we sat next to each other at our baccalaureate*

*life do your thing… please*

sunshine bamboo damyang
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