do u?

do i know my worth?

im not going to answer you only because it felt a little invasive to me. its nothing personal. dont ask me who i write about.

it shud of been a zoom. i want to hide my face

he knows when im mad. or when he has gotten under my skin. sometimes it feels familiar and sometimes it feels forced. theres an arrogance here. I am not sure how i feel about it… Actually it irritates me, but also provides me with reassurance. its something I battle with personally and I believe that…


how do you trigger me, Then laugh. Then go to sleep?

loyal to youth

the love i have for the youth i work for over powers it all. they have me up at 3:09 am, counting their hours ❤ i do it cause i love them. i love them so much. and cause i want to finish quick!


Year ago i was making a grocery list it was t chart style shit you wanted on one side shit i wanted on the other what are you doing now?


A lot more writing should be happening and it’s not. I guess I’m waiting for something to make me write and it sucks.