from poppy.

march 31st 2020 2:26AM from the pop. karma is sexy. i tried to make myself hesitate when it came to cursing your name. Maldicion. it never got serious. hearing what you said was shocking. yet rooted in fraudulent pain and self infliction. that shit hurt. im respectfully grateful for your opinion. god however, hes mad…

describe it.

march 31st, 2020 2:21am. I noticed i have very segmented thoughts. so short, yet very clear… at least in my head. i want to be more descriptive in my writing. I want to use more adjectives, i want you all to FEEL what i felt in the moment, you know? however, not only am i…

the real real.

Wrote this listening to: Free- Amir Obe Lost- Frank Ocean Bad Religion- Frank Ocean Where to begin? When it has been a while and I really do not know where to pick up from, I start my pieces this way. I also start my pieces this way if there is much I wish to avoid….

tears of liberation

Wrote this: on the last day of the decade. today i got off on Delancey and began to cry because it was the first time i felt alive after so long. freedom.

turn it down

today loud noises scare me. I just thought about so much shit at once. safety is not found in loud spaces for me.

what jar?

outings and held back thoughts about you all fit in the jar. that’s where they’ll stay. if its unfulfilled, why are you still there? you want answers, sure. you have questions for me then? chemicals I don’t play with- i don’t deal with science that has been discovered. fresh chemistry is different, isn’t it? wheres…


Wrote this: … What do flowers mean to you? What do you associate them with? Would you like them as a gift? Do you get them often? Do you even like them? Why? What do they mean to you? Flowers? What do they mean.