best time ive had alone

her wave- wale her- majid jordan supermodel- sza wings- mac miller none of your concern- jhene aiko crashing down- merk la familia use me- future break from toronto- partynextdoor joy- partynextdoor selfish- pnb 1942- partynextdoor coffee- miguel let her go- 6lack SAINt JHN- selfish right my wrongs- bryston tiller took you seriously- amir obe coffee…


i still think about you… how many years later. I don’t think i have truly loved anyone like I loved you even when I loved the realest people during the same time. or did i love how you made me feel. you don’t even deserve my love. this is all unreleased flesh, for i have…

good chills

I’m going to pour it into my kids and god.

why cant I stop falling?

who knew honesty could be so beautiful and painful at the same time. you ever want to kill a mental health demon? not in yourself but others. it is the healthiest thing to know what is not good for you and what is and taking appropriate actions to get there. how does one start to…

It gets hard.

I thought bringing in the new year would be hard when you did not have anyone to show off for. Although, it felt like a huge part of me was disconnected from things I should not be so concerned about like “What are people wearing to sit in their living room?” … I found myself…

How does one fix a fixed mind?

I never knew salvation could come in the form of deep breaths. I never knew it was actually super difficult to get rid of thoughts. So how DOES one fix a fixed mind? Simple… You can’t.