Family Wholesome Day 1

Wrote this listening to:

Drake- Keep the family Close
Drake- 9
Drake- U With Me?
Drake- Feel No Ways

I write about December 28, 2019. On December 28, 2019 I spent all day with my parents. It was a day I finally didn’t dedicate to my “friends”. I woke up, knew I had to do laundry… finished that up quickly. I had gotten dad a watch for Christmas a couple of days before this one and unfortunately something about it wasn’t working. We began our day with returning the watch at our neighborhood Century 21 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Dad makes me drive now since he knows I have my permit and could use the practice, I also think he just no longer wants to drive so he uses the “permit” reason as his shield. I obviously didn’t have a problem driving, I like it now- totally way more confident behind the wheel. Driving Im convinced, is all about patience and confidence.
After we return the watch, we take the car back home to park it. We end up parking the car near our apartment… Yes were still on 42nd (if you read the first book). We park the car and come check on our 9 year old Shih Tzu who happens to poop so often…Blame my father for the excessive turkey and Milkbone snacks.

Today my parents had plans on visiting the Rockefeller center tree. This is annoying to me as a New York native and a single woman. Theres only two reasons you go visit the tree and strangely its truly become a New York tradition. Sooooo weird. You go visit “the tree” if you’re super in love and want to capture that in front of this enormous tree via picture… or if you are from another country and happen to plan an overly expensive trip to NYC for this moment. Either way, we did it. We take the Manhattan Bound D train to 47th-50 Rockefeller Center and walk the 4 blocks it takes to reach our destination. Congested as it was and after a couple sly words and hidden frustration we make it. I notice something different about me on this day. I am not impatient, and I WANT to be with my parents. I appreciated this day a little more than the rest.

we get a couple of photos by the tree and mutually decide it’s time to escape the premises and find safety in the emptier streets of the area. We walk around to nearby trees, St. Patricks Cathedral, and more. Snap snap snap. Many pictures we took this day. We end up walking near time square and stop at a Dunkin to get the rents some coffee and an old fashioned donut. We hang out there thinking they have a bathroom we could eventually take advantage of… unfortunately that wasn’t the case. We hold it and take our adventure to the smack center of times square where we panicked and trembled of anxiety. It was time to go “home” after this.

When we are on the train “home”… we speak about how hungry we are and decide to take a spontaneous trip to olive garden. They have never been before and this would be my second time. The first time was with my former boss and coworker. I remembered how good it was the first time and made it my duty to find our way to the nearest one to us in Bay Parkway. We transfer trains and take it all the way to Bay Parkway then get on the B6 towards Best Buy. My dad has never done this before to him it was quite an adventure. We arrive and are treated with the BEST service ever, shout out to DARIUS. Darius makes sure that we are treated like ANGELS. My father tips him amazingly… and he totally deserves it. We order our soups and salads, I make my own pasta, my mom gets the shrimp scampi and my father gets some fancy grilled chicken dinner with his signature bud light. So cute the day was. We finish our food and we are all convinced we have never eaten this well before. We wait for digestion, it is crazy to me how we just know each other so well and what we have to do before leaving a restaurant. We all wait for the food to settle and use the bathroom before leaving a place. My mother suffers some serious indigestion issues. We make sure we are super considerate of her situation.

We leave olive garden, and walk back to the Bay Parkway station instead of taking the bus. We talk the entire way up and get on the train so happy and tired… the food hit!!!

We pay attention to all the historical buildings around the Bay Parkway area. We do some research, laugh, and enjoy the company of this trinity. The D train finally arrives and we step onto the train and make a left where there are 3 seats with our names on it. God is soooooo good, cause I cannot stand another minute.

While we ride into Sunset Park…we realize how fortunate and blessed we are to have one another. We are a family.

I missed them.

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