cleaning out photos

Wrote this: Before my prayer… I am deleting photos now. This is the final step. All memories gone. good.

365 hiatus.

Wrote this: Promising. Start date: December 29, 2019 Im vowing to take care of myself for a year. an entire year with no interference. no social. stacking and planning. No love. Purity. God. 365 seems farfetched but not impossible. My blog is about to grow. I am excited. Nervous. Determined.

Family Wholesome Day 1

Wrote this listening to: Drake- Keep the family Close Drake- 9 Drake- U With Me? Drake- Feel No Ways I write about December 28, 2019. On December 28, 2019 I spent all day with my parents. It was a day I finally didn’t dedicate to my “friends”. I woke up, knew I had to do…

emotional memory.

Wrote this…. Thinking about my next project. I’m not sure what course this book will take. Not sure what approach to rely on. Can’t decide which feeling to trust. I’ve been exploring emotional memory a little in depth— I want to master the concept of emotional memory and it’s correlation to absurd or impulsive behavior….


Wrote this listening to: MERK| La Familia- Place Like This MERK| La Familia- Crashing Down Emotional Oranges- Personal I am beginning a new story. A story of true discovery as an adult… or the attempt at least. This time life experiences hit a little harder because I realized that some patterns I thought I had…