bluebird in white

God literally knocked on my door today. He said I left the key in the lockset and the latch was undone. He said let him go if he doesn’t understand your impulsivity. He said thank you for listening to the bus driver on controversial topics about Haiti. It was a knock that came from above, … More bluebird in white

Can it be August?

Wrote this listening to: Team You make 5 hour playlist To begin reparations On topics that could never heal. You’ve never known what it’s meant to settle No home No bed No commitment Experiences speak volume. I’ve had security all my life. Stable support Stable home Stable love When we clash we can trust. When … More Can it be August?

Shake it

Release. Don’t forget. Stuck between candidates who carry hearts ——-Items of importance vary But I remain the goal. Is it confidence or optimism. I just don’t want to be alone.