Get 47,000 steps away from me.

I’ll try not to blame in this one.

All of my content is about you.

And honestly I’m so disappointed.

I don’t know what else to do to make you feel valued.

I don’t entertain.

I’m a slave.

I pray.

I thought this time around would be so different and it’s not.

Before I left because of others.

And now I walk 47,000 steps away because I’m obviously not enough.

However, I also am no longer selfish.

If someone has the time and attention, go ahead and pursue that….

It brings tears to my eyes. Many many many tears.

Because at the end of the day….

I just want you happy.

I’m sorry I couldn’t bring that to you.

It was good to meet you again.

⁃ all I have left is the simple memory.

⁃ Keep the key safe.

It hurts.

-47,000 goodbyes.

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