Do you think it’s a parents job to save their innocence or expose the truth?

Level 1

Come prepared. It’s time to play.

Witch hunt

Wrote this listening to: Nothing Day 1 I know she’s out there. The best version of myself She’s not lost She’s just not elated. Inquisitive as ever Yet hesitant for healing I am not worried. It was all for a reason. I’m fine. I am. More focused than ever. One day I had to realize…


The only thing you’re consistent in is never changing.


Get 47,000 steps away from me. I’ll try not to blame in this one. All of my content is about you. And honestly I’m so disappointed. I don’t know what else to do to make you feel valued. I don’t entertain. I’m a slave. I pray. I thought this time around would be so different…