you manifest yourself in different places, objects, songs. a playlist is special. Do you listen? you can learn from music…

the last house

Wrote this: smoking my blunt. this weekend stirred up many emotions for me. Bittersweet ones. sad emotions because I felt like I missed out. safe emotions because I was in his arms Happy emotions my best friend and I danced the Saturday night away confused emotions angry emotions determined emotions my energy… boy did I … More the last house

HBD N. 4/27

Wrote this listening to: All Bank albums Life really moves too quickly. To think I wrapped up my journey at Depauw last May, to working three jobs until I figured out what I really wanted (needed) to do, to finally being where I want to be (just struggling a bit). This time wait for no … More HBD N. 4/27


Wrote this: At work… Here are some domestication’s we should get rid of when thinking about our relationships or relationships in general. Domestication around relationships: Men should chase women, while women should play coy Women should be emotional and men should not share their feelings Men should not share their feelings Men should be the … More PARTNER HEALING