I…am…not… done…

Wrote this listening to:

SAINt JHN- God Bless The Internet

I began typing more wise quotes for you, but then realized I wanted to get personal instead.
Hello. Its been a while. How are you?
(take a second, update me)

I had to take a second…..

It has been so long since Ive talked my shit on here, huh?

My relationship went to shambles- it should of never began.
Its cordial and whatever now. Its peacefully irrelevant. I will always be a good friend. Taught me what it meant to be truly lonely and hurt.


I can finally say i wrapped up a summer in nyc. I wasn’t able to experience one until this summer and I am happy its over. I did a lot over the summer. I worked a couple of jobs. I studied a ton for my GRE (took it and scored nicely). I hung out with some old friends and reconnected with others. I got rid of my best friend too. We somewhat got rid of each other. We just hung to one another like lost threads… I am very happy its over.

My parents are okay. The transition back for me was difficult. They dealt with a lot of emotions on my end. My brothers were different as well. I came back extremely vulnerable and fragile. Its November and I am happy my shell is back..
I am balanced now.

A balance I really like.

Im finding peace
and I am trusting.

I am taking my time, but using it wisely.

I pay loans soon. Its whatever.

I am living a life of no ties.
Not just to people.

To things

im freeing myself…

– ais.

two men walking near concrete building
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

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