No music *insert claps*

Wrote this listening to: nothing… this is why I’m writing.

I did a silly thing today. I left my head phones at home. I should be upset because music is amazing, it makes me feel calm. I should also be upset that there is no AC on this train. Shit is wack. It’s okay.

I should be upset right ? The crazy thing is that I am not. I have not felt that feeling in quite some time. I do not want to feel that feeling anymore so I will not. I’m in control of that. Nobody else, just me.

I feel instead… let’s say… optimistic. I’m excited I’m going to see my good friend Ish today. I have not seen him since he was in my living room (personal story)… I wonder if he is doing well. I’m sure he is, he always is.

Isn’t this the place where personal is released? Yeah my personal, not his. So mind your business.

Do you guys ever wonder who I’m talking to when I write like that? Haha it’s you. Yet who actually checks this. If you do, then maybe you just found out about my blog or you’re obsessed with me- there’s literally no in between. (Here’s a shout-out for the people who can’t get off my dick- go live ya life! It’s nice!)

*that wasn’t sarcastic at all- remember, I don’t have a bad bone in my body anymore*

Yeah so there’s no music on this journey, no book, I mean… I did bring my study stuff— but I’ve done enough today. I need a break. I’m tired, but I also do not know tired. Tired is an excuse for us. Humans are machines and we can push push push to limits we haven’t even discovered yet, so no maybe I’m not tired but instead relaxed? Hmm good thinking ais!

So instead of listening to music today… I’m going to create my own. I’m going to create it from every first word I hear from a random person on the street and the sounds I hear on this train.

Woah is that the AC I hear ?

Maybe he does exist.

I’ve been talking to you.

Without music,

An edgeless artist.


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