New Beginnings.

Wrote this listening to:
Nights- Frank Ocean
Ivy- Frank Ocean
Free- Amir Obe

I lost it yesterday, so I had to make up for it today.

Let me tell you about my day.
I was summoned to Jury Duty for starters. It was a long day and tedious time. I arrived around 8:30AM and was not released until 5PM. High school all over again. So fragmented, gross haha. Released, so dramatic.

However, I really do think God knows what he is doing.

He placed two good people in my life to remind me that I am not as bad as I think I am…. hey maybe 3. One with some future offers.

aberrant- so much behavior was so aberrant.

I met a 35 year old man who was the father of two beautiful girls. One premature and one of 12 years. He told me it does not get any easier- however, reminded me that I was well grounded. He carried only $4 dollars and that was for the gallon of milk he needed to buy before coming home. I bought a 35 year old man lunch today… Me… The girl who swore life was getting harder and harder post grad. It put so much into perspective.

“You have a good head on your shoulders, you’re independent, and strong”—- woah, she’s back. It was not validation, instead an angel. Gabriel sent himself to defog my mind and remind me of my power. Mi Fortaleza.

I got rid of my social media, so this is where ill be expressing myself publicly. Best thing I could of done, I am going on day 2 and do not even feel tempted to get back on. I hate it so much right now.

I got an ice cream cone today for mom and took pictures of what made me truly happy. (Ill share those below).

My patience was tested in so many ways and I passed all those test.

I enjoyed a good view, I enjoyed good pizza, and enjoyed great epiphanies.

Don’t kill the vibe bitch I’m toooo lit.

Amir Obe just yelled that in those ears.

I like this me better. I haven’t seen in her four years…

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