nine four

Wrote this listening to:

1. Majid Jordan- Her
3. Frank Ocean- Rushes

this one is to get the juices flowing… this ones to let you know that i am fine.

It is possible to make it another round. Its different now.
I get the flash backs of winters in 2015 and summers in 2017.
they fade though- cause they would of stuck if they were glitter.
They weren’t though and now you don’t live.

It took you and it took you far.

I send it in the air now and hope nothing comes back.

The way I lay now comforts and burns.

First I was rushing for a wait-
this time im waiting for a rush.

I was in amsterdamn at this time last year. Listening to endless- cursing your name into the wind. go go go and thank god you went.

the prettiest of all womxn yearns for me and im content.

wake me up in a week.
Im going to scroll back now and organize it all.

is the water warmer than you?
quiero llorar.


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