You Still Make Art About Me.

Wrote this listening to: 

One Night- Christina Perri

Before I Ever Met You- Banks

Bedroom Wall- Banks

You still make art about me. I wonder why. It’s been so long. I am emotional, I really am.

Its not a good emotion, but one thats heavy. You weigh so much. The burden of your negative energy and wrong doings still linger behind me constantly trying to crawl back up into my soul. My soul tells you no, it has been telling you no for a while now.

For my soul has found the safest of homes. The warmest of hands.

The title of your pieces speak volumes… volumes that need to be shut. No one wants to read you anymore. I can feel them on my own, but you must let go.

You disgust me.

“Do I have to write it on your bedroom wall you fool? ” Nice one banks.


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