12 days left…

Wrote this listening to:

Banks- Brain

Banks- This is what it feels like. 

Banks- Gemini Feed

Banks- Fuck with Myself

Less than two weeks, thats it. I really fucking did it. Its crazy how fast time goes by. The challenges that have been thrown my way and the emotions that came with it weren’t always so easy to deal with. However, they were never dealt with alone. I have been to four different places that get very different as you go on. The different is beautiful and completely misunderstood. I’ll like to keep it that way, since I  will never understand.

I grow as the days do. I am different now, many will say. I am wise. My fifth grade teacher once told me that. I was put into many awkward predicaments on this trip. Situations where I had no communication, but my body, for my two hands are the only things that can be trusted. It got me by, it got me what I wanted. It really did.

I once mentioned that I write how I speak in my head and will continue to do so.

After all, this is not for you, it is for me. Isn’t it?

The people have been strange and hard to be around I’ll say. It hasn’t been completely negative, but it hasn’t been completely genuine. This might hurt you, but you set yourself up and I take back no truth.

I have been alone much. I like it and don’t at the same time.

Academically, I am greater than I was before. Total given. Vocabulary is growing, but with the clock. Temper was tested. So many times. Failed mostly, but still got back up.

Friends? Maybe ill leave here with those. If not, I wouldn’t be hurt.

Priorities, they became extremely clear theres no doubt about that.

Family? Shit wasn’t this round crazy. Heart in my stomach as I type… Don’t want to talk about this part.

Health? Besides this thing on my leg trying to turn me into spiderman, the emotional could be better. I am a fighter though.

Love? Shit is so pure and majestic. I am stable. Devoted. Breaking down the built.

Mama, I’m almost home. I really am.

Guess who’s it is? Its yours..

After finishing this, theres only 11 left… countdown ya’ll countdown.


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