The text I sent my son.

This is how I knew I was really done with you.

I sent a text that read:

“Yeah everything is goooooood. I’m too empathetic to be in my hood. Like shit out here gets me so mad. The fact that women and men out here think that this is all they have when there is so much out there is so annoying. However these people will never know that cause life is shit and resources aren’t offered to everyone. So when I get like this I just lock in. I think no one is good for me or understands so I grind out crazy until I feel good again. Social media wasn’t helping me at all. Too much toxic on their for me. Like wise, comment wise, no one is shit. I also felt myself getting to gassed, I need to remember who the fuck I am and the reason I was put on earth. I wanna get rid of it all one day. Just like fall off the face of the earth and just do what I came to do. Ain’t no one need to know. Feel Me? I’m good though. I’m fueled up, tired of people bullshit, circumstances. I wanna be all about me and the world. Just trying to change it little by little, but as of right now it’s starting in my kitchen and these books I gotta read. If people fuck with me they’ll remember me. If not, that’s tough.”

Nothing wrong with a life check.


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