The Mobile App

Wrote this Walking back to my Hostel.

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands.
I never knew that WordPress had a mobile app. Do you know what this means? Blogging is about to get 10 times easier. 

So far I’ve gotten to know a lot about Utrecht. I feel like I’ve been here long enough (2-3 weeks) to get around alone and figure out which grocery store is the best. I’ve realized that there is no such thing as side walks and that girls wear all black when they “rush” here. You are more likely to get into a bike crash than a car crash and the people are actually pretty nice but still very privileged. 
I noticed I liked to be alone even though my group is pretty decent. 

Staying in a hostel feels like you’re at summer camp again except this time you guys can’t talk about things you have in common because in reality you don’t have anything similar to say to one another. Maybe just drunk nights. 
Be Right Back… Eating some pasta.


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