From my sky.

I feel like you’re a glorious mystical creature that I stumbled upon in the forest, dead of night. And I was confused at first , but now I protect you with my life. You’ve become a part of my life. The way that the fat man makes looks at his business as he makes money, … More From my sky.

The Mobile App

Wrote this Walking back to my Hostel. Location: Utrecht, Netherlands. I never knew that WordPress had a mobile app. Do you know what this means? Blogging is about to get 10 times easier.  So far I’ve gotten to know a lot about Utrecht. I feel like I’ve been here long enough (2-3 weeks) to get … More The Mobile App

Candle Lit Utrecht.

Wrote this in the Strowis Hostel… Utrecht, Netherlands. I’m empty. At least thats what it feels like. It feels empty. I feel like I have no one. Misunderstood. All here for the same reason, but under a different branch. I’m not like the rest and for me thats a good thing, however, it’s a lonely … More Candle Lit Utrecht.