He ripped the pages out my book.

In the Roe with your friends.

Today they call me nature park because my shirt look like I came straight out of duck dynasty.

I want to write. The keyboard hasn’t felt this good since the last time I wrote about it. I have two papers to work on.

I no longer have a journal. I’m starting a new one soon.

I have one I’ve been meaning to write in. Its light, pink, and small. That’s something I am willing to work with.

So much fuckery has been taking place and it shouldn’t be this way. So i am indeed pretty removed. I have numbed out a couple weeks back here on campus. I am just looking forward to hit NYC again. I need to be home with friends and my family.

I am not too pressed about finals this year. A lot of it has to do with my passion for history.It has been so strong this year. I have been posing too many questions that have me up all night with ideas and ideas for research.

I cant finish this for so many reasons right now.

Just know that if you are reading this… Its too late.


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