Wrote This Listening To: Aventura- ALL THE SONGS. How can I fall for you… When you’re waiting to fall for me when I fall for you? Its a mess. How can I give you me when you’re giving others you because you think its all good to be true? I sit and do nothing. I … More jdartjDlddk


Do I get a return song? Invisibility. That was always my answer to the traditional third grade “If you had one superpower what would it be?” question. However, I didn’t know whether over time this superpower developed or if I was born with it and suddenly grew into it. To not be recognized, spoken to, … More Invisibility.


Wrote this listening to: Drake- Fancy Future- Jersey Future- Diamonds Dancing Tory Lanez- Say It This is how it began. I was walking back home. Not the real home. The temporary one… When I saw two guys playing catch. They looked innocent. They were smiling, laughing at each other and I watched from a distance. … More 42nd.