Fed Up.

I am literally so fed up with this country already.

I am fed up with humans like Donald Trump.

I am fed up with Officers in every single state.

Let a Black man dare be hungry after a crime and get driven to Burger King…. imagine.

I am so frustrated.

I am fed up with the ignorant people in the church.

In the very own church I grew up in.

Anyone is allowed to love. So why is it? WHY please somebody answer why….Why can’t everyone be happy?

Oh shut up with your sins.

And please let us all rejoice not in the name of the book, but for a minute or more in the name of LGBQT.

Convinced that as the days go by that Holy Water is nothing but poisoned

Oh I am so frustrated.

I get so frustrated even thinking about the amount of shit going on in the place.

Im trapped.

Im trapped.

Trapped because it is a sin or “it doesn’t look right” to sit my legs wide open, to burp the alphabet, to curse up a storm…

Because I am a girl.

Im trapped because “We wouldn’t want you hurting your back picking up that heavy box… because you’re a girl”.


And for your information I am a womym. Womyn with a Y because as much as I love men… they do not make me.

Its not history nor herstory, but its THEIRSTORY.

THEIR… our ancestors. Those who get barely put in those textbooks we spent almost $400 on at those predominantly white institutions.

Oh no, never mind I forgot they are in there…

Yet the only photographs of a Black male you’ll see in any of my history textbooks are those getting lynched…

Or in the corner of the page after the great George Bush.

Fuck out of here.

Or what about my people? My AfroLatinas/Latinos tending to our fields.

It doesn’t fucking count for I shouldn’t have to take a course for just Latin American History.. That should be included in everyone else’s history.

I am annoyed. Completely annoyed.

My heart literally hurts of all these injustices.


I am so fed up.

For I no longer believe that my country keeps me or my people safe.

I am fed up with some, actually most of my professors.

I am fed up with ignorant family members.

I am fed up of this country trying to tell me its wrong…

That I am wrong because I fell in love with a man who is half Black.

That I am wrong because womyn are stronger than most of the men I’ve ever met.

That I am wrong because I love womyn in the way that men are only “supposed” to.

That I am wrong because its the homeless fault that they are homeless.

Oh my….

That I am wrong because cannabis is what keeps me from lashing out on all of these injustices.

I am fed up because as I am typing this, something is happening to an individual out there right now and I cannot do anything to help at this very moment.

I asked that all of you reading this right now… spread love.

Spread all the positive energy you have in your hearts right now and just love like you’ve never loved before.

You are all beautiful and as frustrated as you all are… I am as well.

I really am sorry.

I really am sorry that we are all trapped in this shit of world.

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