Moonchild’s Piece 2.

Moonchild is a goddess.

Here is a piece she performed at an event on campus.

I can’t tell her why I’m crying

I will only cry more

Mama, I love a girl

Mama, I love a girl with stars for eyes and the sides of her curve like forks on a road and every single time I know which way I want to go

Ma have you ever heard the saying “time flies when you’re having fun?” Well it makes no sense

Because time moves slow when I’m with her and she’s the funnest thing I know ma I love someone who makes me question metaphors as old as you.

Mama I love a girl who touches my heart with the same hand she writes poetry with.

She traces words into my palms and I don’t know if you can see it but one time she traced “I love you” and ever since then all the poems I write sound like “I love you too”

Mama I love a girl who can break my heart like my father did yours

Mama love is the same shit over and over again and genitals don’t make a difference

Mama if you met her you’d love her too

if I could see her one more time I’d prove it you

Mama she isn’t mine anymore and I swear the stars don’t shine as bright as they used to when she was and their light reached Earth faster when we were in love and that is something I am sure of

Mama I remember the day my father left…I was six and you were 36

Ma love and sorrow aren’t sexist

She hurts like he hurt.

You could never tell me why you cried because you’d only cry more

but I will tell you why I cry

mama I love a girl.

Missing her more and more everyday. Keep writing.

Congratulations to the world too! #LoveWins #LegalizationOfGayRights

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