Lit the candle at 1:31AM.

Wrote this listening to:

Frank Ocean- Swim Good

His heart was crushed.

At the happiest point in my life.

I really wish I could take his pain away… I wish I could feel for him.

Then I looked at him…

He was siting on the floor… He’s lucky.

So lucky because he feels, because he’s passionate, because when he loves… he loves hard.


could teach him better

than his emotions can…

you know?

He told me about his heartbreak.

I started to cry because his heart is mine. We are one. At least I love to believe so.

I looked him in the eye. A little me sitting before my eyes.

My brother.

“I love you”…

We sat criss crossed from each other.

Feet touching… Tears running down my cheeks, not wiping mine so i can be there for his.

it was 1:31AM when I lit the candle and the night of heartbreak took us away.

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