For My Brother.

Wrote this Watching:

My little brother smile. 

It’s crazy how fast time flies.

I remember fighting to get a turn to hold you.

You were so little, 7 Pounds I believe.

Now you’re in here checking yourself out, sprained ankle and all.

Goof ball. You always were.

Using sense of humor as a cover up to what’s really happening.

It’s obvious you came out more like me.

You’re my future.

I don’t know if any other sisters feel this way about their brother.

Boy, if I could save you from everything that’ll hurt you in this world.

I would. I promise.

I believe in you so much. Always worried. You’re loved.

No matter how hard life gets, still gotta fight.

I’ll take some of Jhene’s words.

“Say if love is real the love can heal, and on the real I would die for you”

I am so proud of you.

You can get out of my room now.

P.S February 14, 2000 was the best valentines day of my life.

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