Rekindle in a garage.

Wrote this listening to:

For My Brother – Jhene Aiko

Today’s series of events made me feel very secure about my friends. It was good to see an old friend meet new ones and act as if they hadn’t seen each other in a while.

I love seeing everyone with warm, genuine smiles on their faces.

Everyone enjoying themselves to the rotation of Odesza’s voice.

I read something really good today…

Thanks Don Miguel Ruiz:

You don’t have to concern yourself with other peoples point of view. Whatever people say doesn’t affect you because you are immune to their opinions and their emotional poison. The only person who needs to be concerned about the story of you is… you. 

I read it and didn’t look at it in the point of view of bullies picking on someone, but more in the point of view of a good friend.

Somebody I’m starting to grow fond of, nothing serious, told me something I really didn’t want to hear. However, I had no right to control that or how I felt after listening.

I thought about my story. The one I’m slowly creating. I thought about control. I realized I can not plan out my future any longer. Something I’ve been slowly working on. I am creating my story little by little and I cannot force people to be in my story although I feel as if those people make a pretty great edition to it. I have to remember that not everyone knows what their story is going to be about and its just scary. What if that person doesn’t agree with what I have written.

Who cares.

I love scary. Taking risks. Allowing myself to feel?

Logically of course. Theres even more confusion when things pick up nicely after they have been awkwardly spoken about.

Then Mr. Ruiz simply reminded me that everything was going to be okay.

I am indeed immune. Immune to it all.

Let the risks begin.

The garage was pretty dope. I love you guys.

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