Fed Up.

I am literally so fed up with this country already. I am fed up with humans like Donald Trump. I am fed up with Officers in every single state. Let a Black man dare be hungry after a crime and get driven to Burger King…. imagine. I am so frustrated. I am fed up with … More Fed Up.


Wrote this listening to: Jhene Aiko- W.A.Y.S  Is it me or does this weather also make you want to want to hide under a blanket and chill? Can it stop raining? Oh snap, I just realized that it’s raining and someone rain checked on our plans today. Corny thought I know. Greisy I miss you. … More Raincheck.

For My Brother.

Wrote this Watching: My little brother smile.  It’s crazy how fast time flies. I remember fighting to get a turn to hold you. You were so little, 7 Pounds I believe. Now you’re in here checking yourself out, sprained ankle and all. Goof ball. You always were. Using sense of humor as a cover up … More For My Brother.

H430 to 448.

Since I know you’re reading this. Thank you. For reminding me how it feels to be extremely happy with my best friend. You taught me more about myself than anybody ever has. I embrace your struggle and our amazing conversations. I miss you brother. Wish you were here to finish my “Jungle beats….” Summer will … More H430 to 448.