I wrote this listening to:

Banks- Someone New.

I’ve always written. A lot actually…

I keep a journal, I carry it everywhere. Nice leather cover. It’s pretty handsome. Write everything in that thing.

However, I wanted to try something new. I’ve recently been reading some of my entries to a couple of my close friends and I enjoy how that makes me feel.

Comfortable. Free. Fearless.

That’s why I created this blog, I figured that I should share my entries, emotions, and pretty much whatever I want with anyone who is willing to give my blog the time of day.

I wanted to start with the title. 

I’m an artist. Not in the way where I routinely rinse my brushes after a rough day in the studio (even though I do enjoy some painting here and there), but more in the way of how I identify and view life.

Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Fifth Agreement) states:

Your life is totally dominated by the system of beliefs that you learned. Whatever you believe is creating the story that you’re experiencing. 

It was very easy for Don Miguel Ruiz to summarize everything I have been feeling for a couple of years in a simple sentence.

I’m tired of the system.

Usually when I hear system, I think of all the stuff that’s going on with these movements and all, but I’m not speaking about that type of system…(at least for right now). I speak more of the way humans were domesticated. How well trained we were to not be somewhat free. How we were trained to believe in the religion we believe in, how we grew up on the punishment and award system. How all of this has led us to look and satisfy our need for love outside of the system. It’s bigger than this and believe me when I say I can go on forever.

I type how I speak in my head, so my writing may trip you up (most of the time).

This is when I realized that I am an artist.

When you’re an artist there is no right or wrong way to create your art.

There’s just BEAUTY…or there’s not.

If you believe yourself to be an artist, then everything becomes possible again.

So here I am, an artist… ready. I can paint whatever I want to paint because words are my paintbrush and I have life… my entire life as a canvas.

There is no right or wrong to how I live my life. My decisions and experiences make me the happiest. They provide me with something so large… growth and a crazy amount of love.

Now everything I paint (everything I express with my paintbrush) is how I see myself and my entire reality.

I’m excited to share my writing. I’m excited to share my truth.

After all, the truth leads to self mastery, to a life that’s very easy.

I hope you’re ready too.

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