I am an edgeless artist and you are visiting the gallery of my life. If you are familiar with my blogs and first book Collective Hurt: Reflections of an Edgeless Artist you would know that life is my canvas and my journey is inspired by the works of Don Miguel Ruiz and other transformational guides.

This blog began as a safe place to write about the adversity I faced transitioning from high school in urban Brooklyn, NY to College in rural Greencastle, IN back in the Fall of 2014. The journey was difficult and I spent most of those years compiling my thoughts, writing about my toxic coping mechanisms, and finding ways to manage my codependency which led to heartbreaks. Those pieces of writing eventually turned into a phenomenal and successful testimonial which was published on September of 2019 titled Collective Hurt.

Although the building blocks of this blog are rooted in adversity and worked through trauma, this site is also a space that provides optimism, suggestions of improvement, real- life clap back, and love in regards to the multitudes of challenges that may arise in your every day life. This is a judge-free zone and a home to all identities always. I write how I think and express myself in whichever way I feel most comfortable. Feel free to reach out to me with ideas, questions, and tips for our community on how to work through our challenges and slide up out of the trenches.

I am edgeless. I am an artist. I am an advocate.